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Criminal & Dog Control Expert

Effective team of Criminal Lawyers who also specialise in Council Prosecutions and Animal Management 

We regularly negotiate with Councils and Prosecutors to help avoid or amend charges being laid or outright defend clients charged under the Dog Control Act 1996. Our team is highly skilled, widely recognised, experienced, resourceful, dedicated and have a proven track record of success          

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How we can help: 

(1) Negotiate with the Council to see if charges are going to be laid (and hopefully convince them otherwise);

(2) Achieve ‘dog bail’ and get your beloved pet out of the pound and back home;

(3) Defend the charges you face under the Dog Control Act 1996 & Avoid destruction of your dog!

(4) Reduce the type or number of charges (and the inevitable fines – up to $3,000 for the most common offences under the Dog Control Act);

(5) Reduce the stress and daunting task of going to Court and assist you with Court proceedings

(6) Reduce the sentence imposed if you are convicted at all (including fines, community work, imprisonment and ownership disqualification)

(7) Appeal decisions made including destruction orders or classification of your dog (e.g. menacing or dangerous)

(8) Provide you with expert advice, a free and quote, fixed fee options (so you have certainty) and obtain results you expect

(9) Obtain the best possible result considering your circumstances.

Important information:

Because dog owners can be held liable for a range of offences under the Dog Control Act 1996, including when their dog causes any injuries from a dog attack, you will need a competent lawyer

 We have success in helping avoid destruction orders, drop or lower your fines, avoid owner disqualification where possible or get your charges dismissed

We can offer the best possible legal representation and advice from an experienced team of lawyers

We will provide you the benefits of expert advice and an upfront written overview of how we can help

We attend Dog Control matters and Dog related charges / cases throughout New Zealand l

Call us on 02102711653 for a non-obligation phone call or appointment to start the process. After our initial consultation we will provide you a written overview of how we can help, how much it will cost you and the benefits of expert, experienced representation.

You may want to refer to our court processes and procedures for a list of charges we deal with.


Dog lawyers New Zealand are here to help – we will work hard to get your dog back home and negotiate potential charges to avoid a destruction order of your beloved pet. We understand the importance of dogs to their owners: We will work closely with you, the Courts, police and the relevant Council to help either negotiate, mitigate, reduce or defend the charges brought against you under the Dog Control Act 1996.



We have helped many people avoid charges altogether, get their beloved pet out of the pound, reduce penalties they face and/or avoid the destruction of their dogs

Phone: 021 027 11653 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


What our Clients say

An amazing result and a truly professional service. It was great to have an expert handle this for us; avoiding the destruction order was our goal and we are so thankful it was resolved so quickly.
Simon & Family.
Our dog is a member of the family. Facing the prospect of her being destroyed was simply awful. So thankful that was avoided, cannot thank you enough for the outcome.
Jane H.
Having to appear in court for the first time in my life was so stressful. It was great to have someone listen to my concerns and talk me through the whole process. The team were so easy to talk to and achieved the result we wanted. Just awesome.
Moana J.
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